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WebCheck AI helps you gaining more context by providing mouseovers with definitions, summaries, and news.

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What's your background?

I am Eithan, a senior Computer student at Georgia Tech. In high school I ran a social media marketing company with several large profile clients, as well as an AI Aided virtual assistant my freshman year of college, which went bust. Now, I'm working on WebCheck while on a full college schedule.

What does your extension do?

WebCheck AI looks things up so you don't have to.

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We find all the terms you might not know on the web-pages you're visiting, and bring definitions, summaries and news to your fingertips with a simple mouse-over.

WebCheck AI improves your browsing experience and helps you maximize your productivity.

By identifying words / phrases you might not know and bringing you more information, we act as a fact-checker, dictionary, thesaurus, and much more.

Which browsers do you support?

Currently the extension supports only Chrome.

What motivated you to get started?

Web browsing hasn't changed since the early 2000's. We wanted to change that and create the future of constructive web browsing.

Our goals are threefold:

  1. Empower people to better process information and learn in the process.

    By giving people more information on terms they might not know while they surf the web, web browsing becomes a learning experience.

  2. Give people confidence on what they are reading.

    We provide users with relevant news sources for a specific term eliminating bias, and acting as a fact checker.

  3. Democratically driven results.

    In the future, we hope for our results to be user driven, by allowing our users to upvote/ downvote referenced results.

What goals do you have for the future?

When I graduate I hope to either be working on WebCheck full time or as a Product Manager at one of the big tech companies. I'll take it from there but I just hope to continue creating products that solve problems and hopefully one will be solving one for millions of users.

Where can readers go to learn more about you and your projects?

I have been writing updates on WebCheck on Indie Hackers and ProductHunt.

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