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Ubersuggest for Chrome
Get SEO-enriched search results for Google, YouTube and Amazon.
Impulse Blocker
Ended up on YouTube again without really knowning how it happened? Impulse Blocker keeps your bad browsing habits under control.
Ethicli helps you to shop more ethical
Online shoppers who want to shop more ethically without committing hours of research for each product they purchase
Kaffae - Read Smarter, Remember More.
Kaffae helps you to build long lasting knowledge from your reading through AI-powered reminders, analytics, and personal library.
Notyfy aggregates your notifications across various platforms and displays them in one place.
Which Login did I use last time?
Keep forgetting how you signed in for websites? This browser extension remembers which social login you used last time for you.
From the Blog

Green online shopping with EcoCart Interview

Shopping and being mindful of the environment doesn't need to be on opposing sides. With EcoCart you can shop and offset your carbon emissions using a well-built extension.


GMB Spy helps identifying Google My Business Categories Interview

The GMB Spy Chrome extension allows someone who is viewing Google maps, or Google search to instantly view the Google My Business categories for any GMB property.


Cem is building Impulse Blocker Interview

Jumped into a new tab and started typing "" once more? Impulse Blocker helps you keeping your impulses under control and drive self-discipline and productivity.


Giuseppe is building Lesstabs and Slowcalhost Interview

Giuseppe from Italy is building extensions. Lesstabs help you taking control of your browser and slowcalhost is helps developers to build faster websites.


11 Practical Tools to Make the Internet Easier for Senior Citizens Article

Living an independent and self-determined life is as important for seniors as it is for younger people. Nowadays, the Internet is often the only way to communicate with family members who live further away or overseas and only Facebook gives a little window to see what the grandchildren are up to. In times of a global pandemic even more so. The Internet can be a valuable tool for the elderly, if made more accessible.


Shop Ethical with Ethicli Interview

Ethicli helps you making better ethical decisions when shopping online.


Supp manages distractions while WFH Interview

Supp keeps constant distractions at bay while working remotely or WFH.


Webcheck-AI Helps You Understanding Websites Better Interview

WebCheck AI helps you gaining more context by providing mouseovers with definitions, summaries, and news.


Extract Colors and Fonts From Websites Interview

Colors and Fonts Extractor is an extension to export the color palette of an website for development purposes.


Stopaganda Plus Helps You Understand Media Biases Interview

Even frequent readers aren't always aware of biases in media outlets. Stopaganda Plus helps you understanding the various media biases of over 3100 websites.


Notyfy Helps You Managing Your Notifications Interview

Notyfy is a browser extension to keep your notifications under control. In this interview Simon shares his story of the extension with us.

Featured Extension

Notyfy aggregates your notifications across various platforms and displays them in one place. Clicking on the notification will guide you directly to the notification's platform and its content.

The extension doesn't require any login details. Sensitive data like passwords are never read or stored. Notyfy sees which of the available platforms you're logged in and gets the notifications from them.