Ethicli helps you to shop more ethical

Ethicli is a new extension for Chrome. It was built to help you navigate online shopping choices by scoring company ethics on a scale of 1-10 on topics like environmental impact, sustainability, worker rights, animal welfare, and social responsibility. We include badges of Black, Native, and POC-owned businesses as well as companies that are certified B-Corporation, Fair Trade, and more! We additionally will be suggesting similar products from more ethical businesses through our data-backed algorithm so a shopper can switch out what they are looking at for something better.

We all want to make purchases that align with our values. So whether it’s recommending jeans made from sustainably-sourced fabric, or exchanging coffee beans in your cart for ones from a Black-owned business, we got you! In the works is a platform to suggest better products from brands with better scores.

Follow us to join the movement for tangible economical, social, and environmental solutions by checking out our website. Please stay tuned!